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Huntley Hills is primarily served the by the Dekalb County schools of:

Huntley Hills Elementary,
This school first opened on August 21, 1964 with an enrollment of 499.  It consisted of 15 classrooms for grades one through seven.  An addition of 19 rooms was completed in 1967. In the late 60's the student population totaled nearly 1,000 students. However, since the early 1980's the student population settled to the low 300's and has remained there since.
Chamblee Middle School
The Chamblee Middle School currently holds just over 700 students in the seventh and eight grades.  Their man goal is to set high standards for each student in order to best prepare them for the coming high school years.  Enforcing good habits while students are young aides in a smooth transition into high school.  Click here to view their website to read more about the school.
Chamblee High School
Chamblee High School was founded in 1917.  It became accredited in 1935 and was made a Charter School in 2001.  The current student population is 1325.  Their average SAT scores were one of the highest in the state in 2004 at 1092.  They pride themselves in creating a challenging environment for their students, encouraging them to do their absolute best. 
General information regarding the Dekalb County Schools can be obtained at the Dekalb County Schools website.
For information about  private schools in Atlanta, visit the Atlanta Business Chronicle
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